Corporate, Business, Hotels & Lodges

The corporate sector is stepping up and realising that great coffee has a significant role to play with staff,  internal and external customers.

Customers in this specific category know that they need an effective coffee solution but are swamped with information overload and faced with a confusing array of potential coffee solutions.

Our skilled representatives (on appointment) can perform a professional evaluation, together with the customer input needs, to suggest a suitable and cost-effective solution for their particular business.

There must be an appropriate resource allocation vs budget and needs requirements. Finding the right coffee solution at the budgeted expectation is fundamental to customer satisfaction!

Coffee Merchant is a full-service coffee and beverage company, being flexible and having a variety of coffee equipment and product supply options that can be sourced via outright purchase.

Coffee Equipment Supply
  • Super automated bean-to-cup machine solutions.
  • Traditional espresso machine solutions.
  • Bulk filter coffee brewer or smaller filter machine solution.
    (single and three phase and/or plumbed options)
Product Supply
  • Arabica beans supply
  • Filter coffee supply
  • Beverage supply – powdered beverages i.e. hot chocolate, white chocolate, chai latte, teas etc.
Staff training, set-up and maintenance support

Coffee Merchant can facilitate sale, installation and set-up of equipment, staff training, product supply, menu advice and selecting of peripheral beverage product offering.

"Coffee is a language in itself."

– Jackie Chan