Coffee Shops and Cafes

Franchises, independent coffee shops and cafes

Coffee Merchant helps to position your business successfully and effectively in the high-end coffee offering realm of the hospitality sector. This will capitalise the business operation in a more cost-effective manner.

Coffee Equipment

Embrace trusted brands, quality espresso equipment and unique brewing equipment that are well priced and specked for reliability and cost-effective maintenance over the life cycle of the offering.

Espresso Equipment (Select brands)

Wega and Astoria espresso machines

Espresso Grinders (Select brands)

Compak, Sigma and Anfim grinders

Quality Barista Kits and Barista Items
Arabica Supply

Branded or white label top grade Arabica blends and selected Single Origins.

Professional barista crew

The need to source professional and experienced baristas
suited or identified staff can enrol in a Coffee Merchant Barista Course.

Training, Set-up and Maintenance Support

Coffee Merchant can facilitate the selection, installation and set-up of equipment, training standards of baristas, menu advice and selecting of peripheral beverage product offering.

coffee shop
Wega Pegaso 2 Group Coffee Machine
Astoria 2 Group Coffee Machine
Comak K3 Touch Coffee Bean Grinder

"Coffee is a language in itself."

– Jackie Chan