Coffee Blends

Premium Blends

At Coffee Merchant, your premium blends are crafted and expertly roasted for perfect espresso extraction bliss!
For use in any genuine espresso machine or bean-to-cup / automated coffee machines.
Only supplied as beans. Pricing depends on volume ordered.

Into Africa

A gourmet espresso blend representing the best of Africa, including Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi and other Specialty Arabica beans. The roast is medium which results in a mellow and smooth cup, yet full bodied, with rich chocolate and cinnamon undertones.


Non “not” and mara  “bitter” =  not bitter!
A multi continent blend that is roasted medium/dark. An intense espresso experience, great body and is vibrant and snappy, without any bitter after-taste.


An exceptional, smooth blend consisting of equal portions of Costa Rica and Colombia resulting in great body and balance. Bursting flavour with hints of chocolate and nuts. Pure enjoyment!