Coffee Machines

Coffee Machines

It is important to use the right espresso equipment, coffee filter equipment or brewing method for your specific coffee shop, hotel, restaurant, business or work/home environment. There are many factors to consider, including cost, warrantee, output, service and other operational issues. We offer on sale various leading brands of espresso machines, coffee grinders and barista items.

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Espresso Machines

wega, astoria, crem, la marzocco, bazerra

Coffee Grinders
Premuim Barista Items

Urnex, Brewtool and others

Bean-to-cup Coffee Machines


Super Automated Coffee Machines


Filter Coffee Machines

Queen, Bravilor and Coffee King

Coffee Merchant Facts
  • We are based in Durban North and therefore, have the resources and expertise to service most of KwaZulu Natal.
  • We offer holistic/turn-key espresso solutions.
  • We supply, install and calibrate equipment to match your needs.
  • We provide equipment training.
  • We offer service contract options on certain brands.
  • We provide comprehensive equipment warranties.