We strive for ‘coffee excellence’ and would like to be passionately involved in every facet of the process from bean to cup, and therefore offer Barista training and other staff training solutions.

Barista Training

This training session is specifically designed for those who have limited experience in the coffee industry, or those who would like to learn more about the basics of professional espresso based coffee etc. It is also ideal for the Home Barista! One of our major objectives is for the student to understand the latest trends in espresso making and have the practical ability to make espresso based drinks at the accepted “new age” industry standard.

This is line with traditional Italian and WBC guidelines. Although there are very limited certification levels within the industry we pledge that our cost effective training will significantly leverage new skill levels and added value benefit to each student that participates in this program.

Course Overview

  • Welcome/Introductions – overview of the program
  • Current trends in the coffee industry
  • Coffee culture , a brief history, social aspects etc.
  • Focus on quality & consistency
  • Espresso 101 DVD
  • Understanding your “espresso based coffee”
  • Freshness & storage
  • Types & Species
  • The equipment – Understanding and operating
  • The Espresso machine

  • Barista Tools: The Correct Jug, Tamper, Thermometer, Cleaning Paraphernalia

  • Organizing & preparing work station/areas
  • The Grinder – Types of Grinders
  • Espresso shot extraction
  • Grind, portioning & tamping techniques.
  • Over & under extraction
  • Milk preparation, steaming & texturing.
  • Prepare & serve espresso coffees
  • Preparing & serving: Cappuccino, Macchiato, Americano, CaffĂ© latte (basic understanding and principles)
  • Daily Maintenance
  • Espresso Machine, Accessories, Grinder & Filter Equipment

Please Note: Training needs to be booked at least four weeks in advance.

Training Days

Friday, 08H30 to 13H00 


R 1200.00 per student. (Payment via CASH / EFT OR ZAPPER).

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