Our premium blends have been crafted and expertly roasted for perfect espresso extraction bliss! For use in any genuine espresso machine or ‘bean to cup’/automated coffee machines. Only supplied as beans.

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Into Africa

A Gourmet espresso blend representing the best of Africa, including Ethiopia, Tanzania,Zambia, Malawi and other Specialty Arabica beans. The roast is medium which results in a mellow and smooth cup, yet full bodied, with rich chocolate and cinnamon undertones.



Non- “not” and Mara – “bitter” = not bitter! A multi continent blend that is roasted medium/dark. An intense espresso experience, great body and is vibrant and snappy, without any bitter after-taste.



An exceptional, smooth blend consisting of equal portions of Costa Rica and Colombia resulting in great body and balance. Bursting flavour with hints of chocolate and nuts. Pure enjoyment!



An extremely smooth espresso blend that includes the rich and fragrant high grown Arabica’s from Central America with a ever-so hint of African influence. Easy drinking at its best with great results in any type of brewing method.



CM pack 2014


Available Sizes:

1 kilogram, 250 grams


Multilayer quad sealed standing pouch, with carbon dioxide degassing release valve.


100% Premium Arabica Coffee Beans


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