At Coffee Merchant we know that coffee is an extremely labour intensive affair, and as a commodity, passes through many,many hard-working hands before it arrives at our roaster. At the roaster we have the responsibility to convert the green beans into something new and special – not only to bring out the best characteristics, out of the beans, but importantly to represent the culmination of all the efforts and processors from seedling to roasted bean. Roasting is a very ‘hands on’ experience that embraces passion, artisan know-how and skill!


True on demand roasting in small continuous batches on our coffee roasting machines, ensure that we live up to our motto – TASTE THE FRESHNESS. Once the coffee is roasted as per the trade order we pack the coffee beans in industry standard packaging and deliver to our
customer coffee outlets as per delivery schedule/request.

Pay us a visit

We invite all coffee lovers to visit our roaster, where you will have the opportunity to witness the interactive roasting process and may have the opportunity to taste various single origin or blends on offer. You are more than welcome to purchase an array of freshly roasted blends or single origin coffees! Follow us on facebook and see our Speciality Coffee of the week!


Barista Training is an integral part of the modern day espresso solution. We have on offer training courses for both coffee shop Barista and the Home Barista.Read more Contact Us