Freshly  Roasted Coffee is The Best Coffee!

We are the local coffee roaster in the Durban North Area , Kwazulu Natal.

Our mission is to supply our retail & hospitality, office and home Barista’s with a range of freshly roasted superior quality coffee blends and single origin speciality varietals.

Coffee beans and their flavour are impacted by the growing region, the altitude, soil type, harvesting and processing together with other “bringing to the market” factors. At Coffee Merchant we hand select the finest speciality grade Arabica coffee beans available throughout the world and then expertly roast them. Each batch or brand is custom roasted to ensure

that the unique characteristics of every bean develops fully to the desired specification, ensuring consistent quality and taste. True on demand roasting means that once the order has been roasted and cooled down we immediately pack and deliver/courier to our customers. With our invoicing and batch number system ‘the resting of blend’ can become your prerogative. Bean quality, artisan roasting and the freshness factor ensures the ideal platform for the Barista to successfully craft his/her interpretation of excellence. The result in extraction should be a visual pleasing, aromatic, smooth and vibrant outcome without any bitter after-taste.

We are also suppliers of coffee espresso and filter machines and all Barista accessories that contribute to make every coffee experience a delightful one. Please note that we only sell equipment into the greater Durban area.