Wake up and smell the 100% Freshly Roasted Arabica

We are the local coffee roaster in the Durban North Area , Kwazulu Natal. Come visit us and have a savvy cappy, while You choose Your custom fresh coffee beans and appropriate coffee equipment.  Then start enjoying a new culture of Real Coffee! Like so many of us, Bill Davey, enjoys a good cuppa and out of his passion for coffee and his search for the “perfect cup” and of course with spare of time on his hands , he started a gourmet coffee roastery a decade ago. A couple of years later, Gary Hay came on the scene. Gary bought the business from Bill, and soon Deon Erwee got involved and

continued to honour the business vision and mission. 

Simply put, our mission is to supply our commercial, office and home users with a range of superior quality coffee blends and single origin varietals and providing access to the best and latest coffee making machines which are backed by exceptional service and support.

Coffee beans and their flavour is impacted by the growing region, the altitude, soil type and other variable factors and how it is roasted. We hand select the finest speciality grade arabica coffee beans available throughout the world and then expertly roast them. Each batch or brand is custom roasted to ensure

the unique characteristics of every bean develops fully to the desired specification, ensuring consistent quality and taste. Our coffee is exceptionally smooth and vibrant without any bitter after-taste.

We are committed to engage in long lasting partnerships with our customers and Cappuccino Coffee provide them with “coffee smiles for miles”. We supply fresh, superior quality coffee: single origin arabica or arabica blends, organic and decaf, providing customer-centric coffee solutions. We are suppliers of coffee making machines, espresso and filter machines and all accessories that contribute to make every coffee experience a delightful one.